Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A good beginning!

Hello to everyone!!!

Today is the Happy Birthday of our family blog and a little over a month ago our family itself celebrated its Birthday - we got married on August 1st, 2009! Since then Liza and I have been searching for a way to share our stories and pictures with our friends, and we are glad to welcome you on our Blog. We decided to post in English because this way all of our friends will be able to read it, from both sides of the Atlantic.

Not surprisingly, our first post will be about our first day together as a man and a wife! It would be a rather long story to describe everything that happened that day, but luckily we have pictures. They speak for themselves and hopefully will convey the joy and fun of our wedding day. However, we do need to make a little comment first. It goes all the way back to the first day when Liza and I met. It was a hot and sunny day and we both happened to be riding the same train from Kiev to Donetsk. A conversation started kind of on it own. We still cannot decide between the two of us who sent the first "signal". We talked deep into the night and and it was the best train ride I have ever had! This should explain, at least a little, why all those cars and engines mean something very special to us. It will be obvious from the pics:)

If you are reading this, it means you are our friend and we created this blog for you! We value relationships and friendships and want the technology to help us shorten the distances.



  1. Vanya and Liza! Oh my goodness, you should be models!! Atlichna and OCHEN Krasiva!!! Ya lyublu photographee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so creative and just overall wonderful! I love them and I love the two of you. I enjoyed reading your blog and can't wait for more post. Proshu update often! Take care and can't wait to see you again. Miss you! Congrats on your wedding.

  2. WOW!!! Kostya just sent us your link. Your pictures are amazing. Your wedding looked like it was magical. Vanya, what a beautiful bride you have. May God bless you both on this journey you now share. Wish we could have been there. Thanks for sharing your pictures!!! Love, Sharon and Jason Epperly

  3. Vanya & Liza! YOu are so wonderful and amazing cople!Wish you long and happy life!Bless you!
    Tanya Rudaya(Melnikova)